Support on local and international administrative proceedings
Renato Caccia, Wehntalerstr. 115, 8057 Zurich (Switzerland)

Renato Caccia, Zurich, Switzerland
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Translation of official documents

Support on local and international administrative proceedings

Apostilles and international legalizations

Providing birth, marriage and death certificates and other documents in numerous countries

Embassies and Consulates world wide (links and addresses)

Marriage abroad or with a foreign partner

Translation of official documents

Visa matters

Payment facilities



I translate the following official documents:

Adoption documents
Birth certificates
Certificates of bachelorhood
Certificates of domicile
Certificates of good conduct
Certificates of matrimonial capacity
Certificates of no impediment to get married
Civil status certificates
Citizenship certificates
Death Certificates
Divorce decrees
Extracts of swiss civil status registers
Family books
Marriage certificates
Nationality certificates
Police records
Residence certificates
Sworn affidavits
Unmarried certificates
(other documents after inquiry only, please ask me previously by e-mail)

Generally I translate english, french, german, italian and portuguese documents into german.
(other language combinations after inquiry only, please ask me previously by e-mail)

My translations into german with notarial legalizations are recognized in Switzerland.
Whether my translations are recognized outside Switzerland decide the foreign authorities or institutions demanding the translations.

Ask for an estimate and answer to the following 9 questions by e-mail:

1. What kind of document/s should be translated (e.g. birth certificate, police record etc.)?
2. In which country is this document / are these documents issued?
3. In which language is this document / are these documents issued?
4. Into which language should this documents / these documents be translated?
5. In which country will you use this document / these documents?
6. Which authority or institution demands the translation of this document / these documents (Name of the authority or institution)?
Where is this authority or institution located (Place, province, country)?
8. For which purpose do you need this translation / these translations (e.g. marriage proceedings, residence permit etc..)?
9. Where do you live (Place, province, country)?

You will receive the estimate by e-mail.
Furthermore, I will inform you which authentications of the translation/s will be demanded by the responsible authorities.

If you agree with the received estimate, please fill in the Translation Order and send it together with the original document/s by mail.