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Translation Order

Please find enclosed the following document/s:
Birth Certificate/s
Marriage Certificate/s
Death Certificate/s
Family Book/s
Swiss Family Certificate/s
Certificate/s of Civil Status

Certificate/s of Matrimonial Capacity
Residence Certificate/s
Extract/s of Penal Records / Certificate/s of Good Conduct
Certificate/s of Nationality
(other document/s)
(other documents only on inquiry,please ask by

The documents is/are issued in:
Please translate the document/s into
the following language:
The translation should be officially legalized by a notary
In addition, I need an international legalization
for the following country:
Please mark the box(es) if you need one or both of these legalizations

If you need the Translation in view of an administrative proceeding, please answer to the following questions:

What's the name of the authority which is
asking you for this translation?
Where is this authority located (City, Province, Country):

IMPORTANT: My translations with notarial legalization will be recognized throughout Switzerland.
Whether my translations will be recognized outside Switzerland will be decided by the foreign authorities or institutions asking for the translation/s.
If you feel uncertain about your needs or about the fees in your particular case, ask for an estimate by e-mail


Date: Signature:: __________________________________

Mailing address:

Please send the original document/s with the
translation to the following address:
Enterprise and/or Name, Street, P.O.Box,
Postal Code/ZIP, Place, Country)

If you feel uncertain about your needs or about the fees in your particular case, ask for an estimate by e-mail

I enclose the following amount in cash
I'll pay the fees by credit card (Mastercard, Visa or American Express).

My Card number is:
. Its expiry date is (Month/Year) / .
I'll pay the fees online by credit card.
Please inform me how to do it.
I paid the fees by
"Western Union". The "Money Transfer Control Number" MTCN is as follows:
I enclose a bank check or my personal check
I life in Switzerland and would like to pay later against invoice with postal "Einzahlungsschein/Bulletin de versement"

For eventual check-backs:

Your fax n░
Your phone n░
Your e-mail address

Fill in this Order Form, print it out, sign it and send it together with the ORIGINAL document/s to the following address:

Renato Caccia
Wehntalerstr. 115
CH-8057 Zurich

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