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Providing a
Swiss Marriage Certificate
(Eheschein / Acte de mariage / Atto di matrimonio)

Support on local and international administrative proceedings

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I would be happy to help you providing a swiss marriage certificate. Please answer to the following 6 questions by e-mail:

1. Place of civil marraige (Town/village and canton in Switzerland)?
2. Date of civil marriage (Day, Month, Year)?
3. Is this your own marriage certificate? If NO: What is your relationship with this couple?
4. Is this marriage certificate required by a national or foreign authority? If YES: Which authority? Where?
5. For what reason do you need this marriage certificate (e.g. divorce, birth of a child etc.)
6. Where do you live (place, province/state, country)?

I'll inform you by e-mail how I could help you to provide this swiss marriage certificate.